Snowplow Service, Repair & Installation

We sell and install various types and brands of snowplows. We service and repair all brands of plows.


  • MD Series: Typically installed on 1/2-Ton and 3/4-Ton truck and SUV's. Medium Duty, lightweight plow. Half the weight of the HD/EX series plow.
  • HD/EX Series: Extreme Duty plow. Typically installed on 3/4 and 1-Ton trucks. Twice a the weight of the MD series plow.
  • XP Series: Expandable wing. Built for the commercial industry. Expands as wide as 10 ft. enabling you to get the job done faster.
  • VXF Series: A V-plow offers the most flexibility of any plow in the industry. Equal to the extreme duty straight blade, the VXF is built for the toughest jobs.

    Jonestown Ag also offers Fisher and Meyer plows.
    Need service and repair? We fix them all!